Gorgeous Chadegan

Chadegan or Chaladegan is a city in Isfahan, in center of Iran. Chadegan composed of two parts: Chad and Gan, chad is a Turkish word and it means grooves, crevices and Gan is suffix. Locating the old chadeghan in the middle of small valley is identical to it’s meaning. The history of this area is not very clear, but what is certain is that, in the era of Shah Abbas Safavid with immigration of turkish language people to this area by Shah Abbas I and also by having natural position and proximity to the river, this area was very appropriate to settle in. The ancient name of Chadegan was Paratak and it had been considered one of the most prosperous places. According to the writings of historians, the last king of the Achaemenid came to Patark for gathering corps and he has departure to Hamedan by passing through this way and other villages. There are so many diverse stories about the residence of Alexander in this place.



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