khur and Biabanak

Khur, a city with rich and prolific cultural background, is the capital of khur& Biabanak restrict, which is located in the vicinity of Esfahan. Though its history and formation process is not clearly known, clues such as few old parchments imply its existence back to 4th and 5th centuries of the Islamic calendar. Khur is the farmost point in the eastern border of Isfahan province and it is directly adjacent with other provinces like Khorasan, Yazd and Semnan.In fact Biabanak is a part of an old and huge desert that Arabic resources call it “Mefaza”. There are clues showing that this region was residential even before Islam, the most important of which might be a fire temple near Mehrejan (Mehranjan). Moreover, in the same region Jandagh is famous as a prison related to Anooshirvan and it has a dome called “Hasht Darb” which is related to the Sasanian period.



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