Abgineh Museum

Tasnim- The Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran or simply Abgineh Museum is located at 30 Tir Street (formerly known as Ghavam Al Saltaneh Street), in Tehran, Iran.

The museum’s building is octagonal, in a garden 7000 square meters large. The building of the museum itself is intriguing for the enthusiasts. This building used to belong to Ghavam-Alsaltaneh, the Vizier of Ahmad Shah from Ghajarid Dynasty.This building has two floors and five halls. The first and second halls are on the first floor, and the other ones are on other floors upstairs. In the second hall (crystals) the oldest glasses, glass pipes and clay pots are located. The designer of the display windows of the museum was an Austrian engineer called Hans Holiehn. The ornaments of the building include wood embossing of the door frames and stairways and the façade of the building with 50 different types of brick.




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