Nemhil, Iranian sightseeing

Nemhil village is located in the district of Khoresh Rostam in the province of Khalkhal which rises great gusto and hilarity by viewing its sights of the ancient and fruitful orchards with its friendly and hospitable people. It causes wear all suffering and dust of journey out from passengers` body.Nemhil is situated about 20km from Hashtchin and approximately about 150 km from Ardebil in the margin of Ghezelvazn river. What at the first look get attention of each newcomers are its impressive development, the cobbled streets and their cleanness, and the silence and its calm. The location of Nemhil village in vicinity of filled water and roaring Ghezelvazn river causes the variety and pretty of fruit trees , such as Berry, Apricots, Pears, Figs, Walnuts, Service fruit,and Pomegranate. One of the most important handicrafts branches which still gets its significant in this area is hand-woven carpet, Jajin, which continuous its life



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