Imam Al-Jawad

Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Musa also called as Abu Jafar Sani was the 9th of 12 Imam in Shia. He was born in 10 Rajab 195 Hijri in Medina. His father was Imam Reza and his mother was Kheizaran. He gained the Imamate after his father at age 8. He has nicknamed as Al-Jawad means generous and Al-Taqi means pious. Al-Jawad occupied the highest position in human virtues and has moral perfection. He had 2 parts of his leadership and life, 7 years before Imamate and 17 years during Imamate each coincided with Abbasid reign of 7th caliphs: Al-Ma’mun and 8th caliph as Mu’tasim. Finally, he was poisoned at the age of 25 by his wife.



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