The Prawn or Shrimp Pilau

Ingredients: Enough Rice, Enough Aromatic Vegetable,Tamarind, Dried Board Beans,Enough Shrimps or Prawn,Onions, Enough salt, pepper,turmeric and curry

Common recipe for the Prawn or shrimp pilau

Soak rice & Dried Board Beans&Tamarind (make strong sauce)separately about one hour_

 Clean Shrimps or Prawns_

 Chip onions & Saute them add  some aromatic vegetables and desiccated fenugreek add salt turmeric, curry and pepper, stir them then add cleaned prawns or shrimps after 5 mints add strong Tamarind sauce and let their aromatic rise and mix with each other about 15 minuts

 On the other hand, boil rice and drain it  and let dried board beans cook on water and become soft and mix with rice

Now all of them are ready for mixing with each other , you can mix all in a pan add a little oil  and saffaron water on the bottom of the pan …..eventually  our the Shrimp or Prawn Pilau is ready …….I hope you make and enjoy it



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