Kalam Polo Ghermez

This version was made by a lady who has a reputation for being a phenomenal cook. Let me tell you her Kalam Polo was so incredibly good that I could not stop myself from eating it. In fact, I went back for seconds and thirds!! With that said, it was also drenched in oil. We all have had those moments when we eat something that is so good and tasty while knowing that it can’t simply be good for us to eat something that has that much oil or butter.
I have to confess though, regardless of how good this version of Kalam Polo with Tomato sauce is, once you have had the Shirazi version it’s hard to go back to what came before it. Don’t get me wrong, the tomatoes and spices add a lot of flavor to this rice, however, the complexity of flavors that herbs bring to the Shirazi version is out of this world good!



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