Trout with Bitter Orange

  1. Turn oven to 425 degrees.
    Clean fish and pat dry. Cut fins with scissors or a sharp knife.
    Remove roots of fresh garlic and wash thoroughly. Cut the bulb in half vertically.
    Wash and pat dry parsley and dill.
    Add salt salt to the cavity of fish. Then with one of the cut fresh garlic bulbs rub all over the cavity of each fish. Season with a dash of pepper.
    Melt butter, then immediately add turmeric. Mix well.
    Brush butter all over the inside of each fish.
    Cut half of a lemon into slices. Then cut each slice in half.
    Place 3 half slices of lemon in the cavity, then divide the fresh herbs and fresh garlic bulbs between the two fishes. Pack the inside with the herbs…



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