Perfectly Roasted Chicken with Advieh

  1. Turn oven on to 425 degrees.
  2. Wash chicken and pat dry.
  3. Prep the ingredients by cutting onion in four sections. Arrange two sections at the bottom of an oven proof dish.
  4. Slice garlic length wise. Cut lemons in four sections length wise.
  5. Mix Advieh and Turmeric together. Also have salt and pepper on hand to add to both the inside and outside of the chicken.
  6. Generously salt the inside of the bird with salt and a dash of pepper. Then rub the inside with Advieh and Turmeric mixture. Stuff the bird with the remaining half of the onion, sliced lemon, and garlic.
  7. Flip the bird on its breast. Brush the backside of the bird with olive oil all over. Then rub the spices, salt all over the chicken. Finish with a dash of pepper….



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