Sabzi Polo Mahi Tahdig

. It’s best to use a fish that is very fresh.
2. It’s best to use a fish that has been deboned.
3. It’s best to use a good amount of canola oil and butter!
4. It’s best to not move the fish too much once it has been placed at the bottom of the pot.
5. It’s best to use 2 pots: one which holds two fish and one that holds one.
6. Flipping this rice in a cake form is a challenge because the fish makes the tahdig heavy.
7. It’s best to remove the rice first then carefully lift the tahdig out of the pot.
8. If the head of the fish freaks you out, you have the option of only using the body of the fish.
9. The rice does not smell like fish and it’s delicious as are the tahdig and fish!



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