Making Congratulation Cards

Would you like to make congratulation cards such as Happy New Year , or Happy Valentine`s Day

  let`s make it

 Ingredients: Pencil, Scissors, Marker, ruler, Double-sided tape, Nail polish, 2 square 14× 14 cm of colored cardboard

First of all,measure 7cm on each colored cardboard from up to down and draw a line  then cut them with scissors

  Next, measure 3.5 cm and 10.5 cm from long side of cards in both sides and again draw  line and fold them to your think for example they are like as window and please close the doors of windows

Then, cut four square of Double- sided tape and glue them on two cards on  same color just on long sides

 put the rest cards on them …Now you have a card but you need to draw, paint and write what you like on it….



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